Mud Guts and Glory


The Road to Adventure


Journal Entry 1-

We have graduated today. I am very proud to have been part of the elite squad that was put through the rigorous advanced course. We are going to set the standard for the students that come after us. For now, I am writing this journal both for my benefit, and that of others, especially students that may learn from our pilgrimage into this job.

I have gotten to know my fellow graduates, and they are an impressive group. They are eccentric, but great at what they do. I write this as we approach a town, ready to investigate a missing pig and a bandit incursion.

We just finished fighting a group of bugbears en route to the village in question. I worry about the presence of these monsters so close to us, so I will take it upon myself to spearhead an effort to remove them from the forest.

For now, I am curious to see what this mission holds. My group may need me to reign them in from time to time, but we shall see what my efforts yield.

End Entry 1.



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